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essay on pollution

essay on pollution – We all know that pollution is a serious global problem today. The level of pollution is increasing day by day so much that its effect is now being seen on global warming. That is why we urgently need to address this issue and find a permanent solution.

Huge amounts of pollution are causing serious damage to our planet and we need to understand its ill effects, and this damage must be avoided. In this article on pollution, we are going to understand what the effects of pollution are, and how they can be reduced. You can easily use the following essay in any essay competition or exam.

Student friends, let us first understand what pollution is. So that when you write an essay on pollution, you should have an in-depth knowledge of the subject of “pollution”. In this article, we will share with you all the information related to pollution. So let’s start with all these important topics needed to write an essay on pollution.

What is pollution?

essay on pollution – We all know that the present world is the age of industrial development. Thousands of factories in all developing countries of the world are working day and night to make products. As a result of all this, our environment is getting more and more polluted day by day. It is also difficult for you to get fresh air to breathe. Our water and land are also getting polluted. Air, water, and land pollution is a major global serious issue.

Air pollution is mainly caused by toxic fumes from factories. Air pollution is caused by burning fuel in vehicles running on the road. This air contains a lot of toxic gases. These gases enter our body through respiration, which has a very bad effect on health.

This polluted toxic air gives rise to new diseases. Gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide produced by the combustion of motor fuels poison the air. Water pollution is mainly caused by toxic liquids coming out of the factory. Sewage from large cities falls into rivers, contaminating the water. Thousands of viruses are produced in this polluted water every year.

Many diseases attack us because we drink our river water without knowing whether it is drinkable or not. To protect crops, many of the pesticides you use contaminate your food. The spraying of hundreds of chemicals and pesticides also pollutes the soil. Garbage streams along the roads in big cities give rise to many diseases.

Horrible squeaking noises from running cars and mills are also harmful to health. The different types of radiation you don’t see are the effects of the atomic age. These radio rays are very dangerous to health. The amount of these rays is increasing every day due to nuclear testing.

So, student friends, this is a brief definition of pollution. Which we have read in the above section. If you keep the above points in mind while writing an essay on pollution, it will be easier for you to write an essay. Let us now turn to the original essay.

essay on pollution in 500+ Words

After the scientific revolution, the discoveries made by scientists for the service of humanity in the modern world have certainly removed some of the difficulties that seemed impossible in human life at that time. Today, life has become more comfortable and easier than before. However, the consequences of this are also facing us today. The biggest and most serious side effect is “pollution“.

How many types of pollution are there?

Pollution is a defect in the natural balance or a disturbance in the environment. Which degrades the natural environment. Lack of access to clean air, clean water, clean food, or a quiet natural environment is called pollution. There are many types of pollution. The main types are air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.

Air pollution

essay on pollution
air pollution

This pollution is widespread in metropolitan areas. Toxic fumes from factories day and night, black smoke from motor vehicles are mixed in the air in large quantities, making it difficult to breathe healthy air in the metropolis.

In all the metropolises of the world, air pollution has never exceeded the danger level. The industrialization has made it impossible for the city to breathe freely. This problem is more prevalent where the population is dense, there is a shortage of trees so the environment is becoming more and more polluted.

Water pollution

Contaminated water from factories is discharged directly into rivers or drains without any treatment. And so the clean water of the river is also heavily polluted. This water from the rivers goes into the dams and then this contaminated water comes to your house through the tap. This causes many types of diseases every year. This has a devastating effect on the health of the general population.

Noise pollution

Man needs a peaceful environment to live in. Being close to nature, human beings and other animals and birds can live a healthy and happy life. In fact, it is everyone’s right. But nowadays the noise of factories, the noise of traffic, the noise of motor vehicles, the hoarse sound of loudspeakers have created deafness and stress.

Causes of pollution

Uncontrolled factories, overuse of scientific resources, televisions, refrigerators, coolers, air conditioners, unrestricted use of electricity, etc. are all factors responsible for the increasing pollution. Natural imbalances are also a major cause. Due to deforestation, deforestation has disrupted the climate cycle. Pollution has increased due to the lack of greenery in densely populated areas.

effects of pollution

All of the above types of pollution pose a threat to a healthy human life. In addition, the lives of animals, birds, insects, and marine life have been threatened. Every year global warming is destroying the earth. Man is eager to take a deep breath in the open air.

Unhygienic water causes many harmful chemicals to enter the field crops and reach the human body and cause deadly diseases. A gas leak from a factory has killed thousands of people around the world, many of them disabled.

Due to eco-pollution, neither the rains are coming on time, nor the winter-summer cycle is running smoothly. Pollution is also the cause of natural calamities like untimely rains, droughts, floods, hailstorms, etc.

Measures to reduce pollution

essay on pollution
stop pollution
  • Turn off the lights when going out of the house.
  • Do not use electricity extravagantly.
  • Don’t blow the horn unnecessarily while biting the car.
  • The use of plastic items should be kept to a minimum.
  • Do not throw garbage in the water.
  • Don’t burn unlimited fuel (petrol / diesel / electricity).
  • Maximum use of public transport system.
  • Unrestricted extraction of mineral resources should not be done.
  • Forests should not be destroyed by indiscriminate felling of trees.
  • Sewage water needs to be properly planned.
  • Contaminated factory water should not be discharged into rivers and streams.
  • Factories should be far from populated.
  • As many trees as possible should be planted to avoid various types of pollution.

We must take steps individually to reduce pollution. Care must be taken to keep the earth as green and cool as possible. On top of that, if someone is trying their best to curb pollution, they should be encouraged and we should also contribute to that work. (Finished)

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